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William J. Rutter, Ph.D.

Last Updated: March 20, 2007


Synergenics, LLC
  Founder, Chairman, CEO  2003 - Present
  Consortium of biotech startups; providing financial resources, strategic scientific/ business advice, legal and facilities services

Commercial Stage Biotech Companies

  Founder, Chairman, Board Member 1999 – Present
  Automated data capture from any electronic metric device to form an interactive personal health record.  Securely shared over the Internet and accessible to individuals, health care providers, payers, and other health care companies (anonymously) via PC, PDA, mobile phone. Emphasis on chronic condition management (i.e. diabetes, asthma etc.) Worldwide markets.
ReLia Diagnostic Systems
  Chairman 2001 – Present
  Rapid quantitative immuno analyzer for point of care diagnostics. Worldwide. Markets.
  Founder, Chairman 2000 – Present
  Process Development and small scale manufacturing:  Therapeutic proteins/ antibodies/vaccines.
Ventria Biosciences   
  Founder, Chairman, Board Member 1992 - Present
  High level production of proteins in cereal grains, specialty:  orally active human therapeutic proteins.
  Board of Directors 2003 – Present
  Proprietary rabbit monoclonal antibodies for diagnostic research and therapeutic markets.

Developmental Stage Biotech Companies

  Chairman 2004 - Present
  Human monoclonal antibodies isolated from cloned human memory B cells selected for activity against infectious diseases, cancer and certain other debilitating diseases. Two products in development.
  Chairman 2003 - Present
  Diagnostic and therapeutic products based on the identification and characterization of  all oncogenes/tumor suppressors.
Poetic Genetics
  Chairman 2003 - Present
  Gene therapy based on a proprietary integrase which inserts genetic elements irreversibly into transcriptional active sites on chromosomes.
  Chairman 2004 - Present
  “Smart DNA” color test: quantitative sensitive, specific, rapid.Operationally simple.
  Chairman 2004 - Present
  Identification and control of a subset of Macrophages implicated in the causation of cancer, and a variety of debilitating diseases (ALS, Alzheimer’s, etc).
  Chairman 2006 – Present
  Identifying, validating and developing novel therapeutic strategies for obesity, diabetes and other metabolic diseases.
  Chairman 2003 - Present
  Facile analysis of functions of biological membranes, using bioactive membranes on chips and beads.


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